some poems

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Honestly, I tend to think most poetry is dreck, mine included. However, I do tend to capture something in my poems, and I guess they’re not that bad. I’ll post them behind a cut, and you can skip reading them. If you do read them, please comment.

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Story: Mirror, Mirror

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I wrote this story when I was in college, and have edited it to polish it up a little bit a couple of times. It’s one of my attempts to see whether I could write a fairy tale from a different viewpoint. Please comment, and let me know what you think. (The story is behind the cut.)

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The Beginning

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I have a lot of stories to tell, but I don’t need to tell them all immediately. For right now, I’ll just link to two of the stories I have posted elsewhere. I have been told that they can be upsetting, so be take care of yourself.

“The Rule of Silence” (musings) and “Revenge” (story)

“I Have Learned My Lessons Well” (story)