There is no one right way

One of the things I think everyone in this system can agree on is that there is no one right way. Even the more opinionated ones, who believe there are a lot of WRONG ways can agree there isn’t any single “right” way to do anything. Well, in theory at least.

The point is, we might be giving advice, or talking about things that work for us. That doesn’t mean this is the only right way to deal with something. We might be talking about our own experience of being multiple. That doesn’t mean this is the only way to be multiple.

I get frustrated with all of the information out there that comes tied to an insistence that there is one right way to do things. Books that say, or imply, that you MUST do things in a particular way. Websites, therapists, religions…. I’ve seen so many people, and so many institutions that insist there is just one way to heal, to believe, to behave.

I don’t think this is true. While I think most of the advice we are offering here is good, and while our experience is definitely true for us (or at least for whichever part is writing at the time!), it doesn’t mean we believe that it will be equally true, or work equally well, for anyone else.

So, please, read this website, take what works for you, and feel confident in listening to your own responses about what doesn’t work, or what you think would work better or differently for you.

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